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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zero Luck

So, Zero's back and this time, completely and utterly insane. He's also out to kill runners and other Infected. Wonderful. Hey, Zero, how's it feel to know that That Black King is still pulling your chain and that you're still doing His dirty work for Him? Yes, you bloody plan failed, but it wasn't because of the runners not wishing Him away hard enough. It failed because The Black King has always been here. We all want Him gone just as much as you do. Don't pin your own plan's shortcomings on us, simpleton. If writing fanfictions about The Black King being wounded was enough to make Him go away, then He'd be long gone by now.
If you start hunting down and murdering runners and fighters, you friends, it will be the same as when you were tricked into killing Amelia: still playing right into His wishes.

I shrug this off. I can't be bothered with you right now, nor can I be bothered to sympathize with someone who pushes the blame on others. I'm off to the mountains. If you want to kill me, I'm afraid you're going to have to step in line, because I already have one psycho out to get me.

Ado, Zero. May you regain some sense now that you've returned. I'm not the one you're letting down by acting like this as I never looked up to you.


  1. I didn't even think that he might be under some kind of influence...I just figured he was pissed.

  2. Perhaps, but he's acquired quite a list of heads to take to be "just very pissed off". Remember, we don't know what's been happening to him since he disappeared and The Black King did not make me privy to that knowledge, even when I asked.