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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strange Tides

Alright, it would appear that Pete is still with us, even though Jack Ellison, his original personality, has resurfaced. Pete, I fear that The Black King may have given you split personalities. The original being Jack, and the split being you.

Jack, if you read, you need to help Pete find Clarice. Try to come up with some way to come terms and work together, please.

Our Situation Worsens

Pete has remembered who he is at last. This is bad. Pete was a reasonable, calm, and pleasant fellow. Jack Ellison, who he was before, is a violent, vengeful, and bitter man. I don't know what happened on that houseboat Clarice and Pete/Jack rented, but I fear for both of them now.

In other news, I found that the rumors of my old professor's death to be, perhaps, exaggerated. He disappeared mysteriously, according to the local papers I found in archives. He must have known about The Black King, somehow.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Old Haunts

Hello, it's been a while, but I have returned.

I returned to the museum where I used to work when I first met The Black King. I looked for the professor I used to assist. When I asked about him but no would tell me a thing except that he died in the time between when Clyde and I left to now. I'm going to ask around.

He advised me against studying Der Ritter, and ultimately turned out to be right. I have to find out what happened here.