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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wiping the Slate Clean

So The Black King wiped Ron's memories again. Does this mean I can start clean with the kid and make a new friend without the baggage of what I helped to do him? I helped do this... Now that I've seen once free of The Black King's hold over me, I do start to sympathize his plight. I helped do this to him. I stood idally by as The Black King Marked him, then I hunted him relentlessly, and eventually helped turn him over and held him down as he was Indoctrinated. Then he was entirely dependent on Pete and others to survive. Now this... His mind somehwat restored, but without any memory of the last few important months. I helped do this to him.

Is this... remorse? Do I deserve The Lone Hunter?


  1. It's alright. You helped us in the end. You're one of us now, man. I don't remember anything of what you put me through, so wanna be friends?

  2. I don't deserve the second chance, Ron. I really don't.

  3. It isn't my place to decide what you deserve, BL.