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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I have returned.

Forgive the lack of updates, but a few things have happened since I last checked in.

I actually met with and discussed my situation with some of Fisk's agents at an public restaurant (I did not eat anything brought to the table, though). Fisk's policies have not changed, but they are willing to keep Lone Hunter off of me in exchange for all the information I have to offer. Names, places, strongholds, you name it. However, because I am not willing to go silent, they will not provide a safe place to hide me/make me disappear permanently.

The Black King has been on my trail double time, driving me along without pause.

I've been told that Lone Hunter and his new party are not far behind me. He'll probably let in on the details, himself, though.

While encounterng The Black King himself near a small patch of trees, I was saved by a large man clothed in all furs. He's sleeping on his cot across from me right now as we hide out in his sanctuary in a cabin in the woods. You would think that this would be absolute suicide, but I have not seen any sign of The Black King while here.
He says that these conditions are temperary and that we'll have to move on soon.
I don't know who this man is, but he has been on The Other Side. I recognize various bits of trees, leaves, and such from His domain. Who is this man? He won't reveal his name to me, alas.


  1. I see you have met my agent.
    Don't fall into an encounter with The Black King again. It expends my limited power too much.

  2. Your Agent sounds a lot like the "Mountain Man" who saved Ron's friend, Drew' when he was a child. A connection, perhaps?

  3. This guy's yours'?! Well, good work.

  4. You seem to misunderstand slightly.
    That man is no agent of Marnax.
    He is mine.
    Marnax is my voice for now.

  5. Do you know of any havens in Kentucky? Or is the South safe?

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  7. The towns around Fort Benning in Georgia are safe, but not much else is free of His influence down South. He likes warm.